1776 United and Nether United FC

New York, New York

Capelli Sport is proud to announce a new partnership with 1776 United and Nether United FC. With a multi - year agreement in place, Capelli Sport will become the Official and Exclusive Uniform, Apparel and Equipment Supplier for the youth club.

Starting with the 2020-2021 season, Capelli Sport will provide all uniform and apparel, allowing both 1776 United and Nether United FC players to take to the field with new designs and top-quality products to give athletes the best opportunity for maximum performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with a great club like 1776 United and Nether United FC.” said Capelli Sport President and CEO George Altirs. “They have demonstrated a great deal of success and are the type of organization we strive to partner with. We look forward to supporting the club, players, and families on and off the field”, Altirs continued.

President of Nether United and 1776 United FC, Sam Griggs said, “Not only are the economic benefits of this partnership significant for our parents, we are thrilled to have a partner that will provide quality for our players on the field and a quality, personal service to our club off the field. We have been fortunate with our previous partners who have helped make 1776 United and Nether United FC teams standout, but are now looking forward to starting a new era with Capelli Sport.”

Capelli Sport was founded in 2011 by President and CEO George Altirs, with the mission to provide quality, functionality and design for high-level performance on the field. Altirs’ more than 30 years in the apparel, fashion and accessory business with parent company, GMA Accessories, led to the creation of Capelli Sport. The brand’s innovative, world-class training gear, equipment and uniforms have yielded many global recreational, youth, club, collegiate, semi-professional and professional sports partnerships.


About 1776 United and Nether United FC

1776 United was created in response to the changing dynamics in youth soccer. Specifically, a need to offer opportunities for players to find an appropriate place to play, that still allowed them to play high school soccer without missing out on the exposure to college coaches and a quality development path. Recognizing the difficulties smaller township clubs have in offering this to their players, 7 short years later, 1776 United have proven their model works. Four state titles, 3 state finalists, a regional champion and a national quarter finalist supports this. More importantly, 1776 United have helped dozens of players to go on to successful college careers, having installed a love of the game in these players and aided in their development and recruitment.

Nether United FC has one of the proudest histories in Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer. It has produced several professional and former professional players, including two current MLS players, Austin Trusty (Colorado Rapids) and George Campbell (Atlanta United). On top of this, and with a record of competing for state, regional and national titles, the club can also boast being one of the first clubs in the area to offer an all-girls team, pioneered by the late Bob Urban. The club continues their tradition of being pioneers in their approach and focus on the younger age groups.


About Capelli Sport

Capelli Sport is an innovative sportswear and team wear brand focusing on design of the highest quality, latest fabric technology and design functionality for world-class performance on the field.  For more information on Capelli Sport, current partners, and how to join the team SHOP CAPELLI SPORT, visit the ONLINE CATALOG PAGES at capellisport.com, follow them on Twitter (@capellisport) and Instagram (CapelliSport), or visit the Capelli Sport Facebook page.