Atomic City FC

New York, NY

Today Capelli Sport announced a multi-year partnership with Atomic City FC and will become the exclusive uniform and apparel provider for the Southern Nevada Valley club.  

Atomic City FC was cofounded this January by a group of inspired, passionate soccer coaches, investors and leaders in the soccer community to provide a platform and avenue for the top female footballers to excel in the women's game in the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. 

The birth of the youth club was a collaborated vision by local youth soccer club director and WPSL head coach, Nelson Medina and a group of coaches. The Atomic City FC Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) program was to inspire the local female talent with the highest level of professional training and playing environment, as well as, to unite them together on and off the field and bring the community together through the WPSL. 


Executive Director of Atomic City FC, Nelson Medina said:

“We enjoyed the success of our WPSL inaugural season and there was such a great vibe, culture and support from the community, we decided to launch a youth program this past June that would focus our attention on a holistic and authentic player development pathway." 

Medina added, “Our staff and board of directors are extremely excited about this new long-term partnership with Capelli Sport. I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and communication the Capelli Sport team has demonstrated through this process from day one, which has made partnering with them very easy. Imagining is very important to us and with their incredible customization support team, it was an obvious choice with the image and vison we were looking for as a new organization."

"It was evident early on from our meetings with Capelli Sport that they are more than a uniform kit provider. From the player pathways and opportunities through their network and partnerships overseas, we felt this would have a major impact within our program and with our young footballers both on and off the field." Medina continued. 


President and CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs said:

“Atomic City FC is a great addition to our partners on the West Coast. With the continued growth of our owned clubs overseas, we look forward to making opportunities available to the youth of Atomic City FC as they pass through the Capelli Sport Pathway to Pro.”


About Capelli Sport

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