FC Prime

Capelli Sport to Become the Official Uniform and Equipment Supplier for FC Prime

Capelli Sport is excited to announce a new multi-year partnership with Football Club Prime. This agreement will see Capelli Sport becoming the official and exclusive provider of training apparel, select coaching apparel, uniforms, and equipment for the South Florida based organization. This deal begins in the 2023 season and covers FC Prime’s 1,000 travel league players.

Through education and an emphasis on core values, FC Prime empowers its athletes to make a difference on the field, and within the local community. They aim to help players reach the next level through specialized programming and national level exposure. Over the years, this approach has been tremendously successful, with 300+ FC Prime alumni going on to compete at the collegiate level and over 20 players competing on national teams. Currently, FC Prime’s top tier teams compete in the ECNL.

Executive Director of FC Prime, Alan Hough said:

“In this rapidly evolving youth soccer landscape, we found a partner in Capelli Sport that perfectly suits our mission to reach the highest levels of success on and off the field. Capelli Sport’s unique vertically integrated business model provides us the tools and resources that no other brand can come close to offering. It’s that simple.”

President and CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs said:

“With FC Prime, we have a partner who is committed to growing the game of soccer in South Florida and beyond. Their commitment to player development on the field and personal development off the field shows that they care about their athletes and their community. We cannot wait to see them take the field in Capelli Sport jerseys.”