PAE G.S. Diagoras 1905

New York, New York

Capelli Sport is proud to announce a new partnership with PAE G.S. Diagoras 1905. With a multi-year agreement in place, Capelli Sport will become the Official and Exclusive Uniform, Apparel and Equipment Supplier of the Football League Greece club based in Rhodes.

PAE G.S. Diagoras 1905 has a rich social, cultural and sporting history dating back to its founding year of 1905. Per the terms of the agreement, Capelli Sport will become the Official and Exclusive Uniform, Apparel and Equipment Supplier for PAE G.S. Diagoras 1905 athletes, coaches, staff and fans, starting with the 2020-2021 season.

"We are very pleased to reach an agreement with Capelli Sport, which at the commercial level will be one of our key strategic partners. The dynamics and broader development goals of Capelli Sport are identical with our competitive culture and we are sure that we will celebrate many successes together, on and off the field,” said PAE G.S. Diagoras 1905 President and CEO Bartholomeos Kampourakis.

Capelli Sport was founded in 2011 by President and CEO George Altirs, with the mission to provide quality, functionality and design for high-level performance on the field. Altirs’ more than 30 years in the apparel, fashion and accessory business with parent company, GMA Accessories, led to the creation of Capelli Sport. The brand’s innovative, world-class training gear, equipment and uniforms have yielded many global recreational, youth, club, collegiate, semi-professional and professional sports partnerships.

“We are very excited to partner with what we consider one of the most historic clubs in Greece and we are excited to be part of PAE G.S. Diagoras 1905’s future,” said Capelli Sport President and CEO George Altirs. “The club has shown great desire to develop and grow, and we look forward to working alongside of the club to meet their goals on and off the field”, Altirs continued.


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