SFFA/Boca United FC

SFFA/Boca United FC x Capelli Sport ­

Capelli Sport to Become the Official Uniform and Equipment Supplier for South Florida Football Academy (SFFA) and Boca United FC

Capelli Sport is proud to announce multi-year partnerships with South Florida Football Academy (SFFA) and Boca United FC. Beginning this year, and continuing through the 2025 season, Capelli Sport will be the official and exclusive uniform supplier for players of these Palm County–based organizations. In addition to this, Capelli Sport will also supply equipment, warm-up apparel, and clothing for select coaches and staff. The deal covers both boys’ and girls’ teams, including 14 teams and 280 players in SFFA, and 17 teams and 340 players for Boca United FC.

Founded in 2017 and 1997 respectively, SFFA and Boca United FC share a joint commitment to providing the youth of South Florida a chance to excel on the pitch. They both strive to create an educational, positive, and fun environment in which determined players can reach their potential. SFFA is competes in MLS Next and Sunshine League, while Boca United FC competes in SFU League and FYSA League play. Both organizations offer recreational play, travel play, and pathway to the pros development programs.

Executive Director of SFFA/Boca United FC, John Hurst said:

“We searched many vendors and we chose Capelli Sport due to the value and vertical manufacturing they bring to our club and the soccer community.”

President and CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs said:

“By partnering with SFFA and Boca United FC, Capelli Sport can greatly increase brand visibility in the South Florida market, and help each organization reach the next level. We look forward to seeing these determined athletes competing in our jerseys, and hope to be a part of the continued growth of soccer in the region.”