Super League Tampa Bay

Capelli Sport to Become the Official Uniform and Equipment Supplier for Super League Tampa Bay

Capelli Sport is excited to announce a new partnership with Super League Tampa Bay of the USL. Beginning in October of 2023, this deal will make Capelli Sport the official and exclusive uniform and equipment provider for one of Florida’s newest professional women’s soccer clubs as they compete in the USL Super League’s inaugural season. In addition to providing gameday jerseys and gear for Super League Tampa Bay, Capelli Sport will also produce custom-designed training apparel, coaching apparel, and fan merchandise. This deal will last for 4 years, through the 2026/27 season.

The USL Super League is a new top-tier women’s professional soccer league that’s set to kick off in August of 2024. The league will have a traditional FIFA (“fall-to-summer”) soccer calendar, to allow players to compete for their professional club and country. Sitting at the top of the United States’ youth-to-pro pathway, the USL Super League will be the destination for much of the country’s homegrown talent, as well as talent from around the globe. Super League Tampa Bay is a founding member of the USL Super League.

President of Super League Tampa Bay, Christina Unkel said:

“As we build the women’s professional game in Florida, nationally, and worldwide, it will require impactful partners who share our unique vision to define a professional women’s soccer ecosystem in modern football and elevate our players, fans, community and front office.  We have found this type of partner in Capelli Sport. They live the sport, are deeply committed to the women’s game, and create apparel that conforms to the demands of a professional athlete and a professional club.  We will collaborate with them to customize our kits, create a highly functional training line, and design new lifestyle wear for our supporters and the next generation of future women pro athletes  We are thrilled to advance with Capelli Sport as our friends and official apparel suppliers.”

President and CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs said:

“It is with tremendous honor that we announce this partnership with Super League Tampa Bay. Capelli Sport has always avidly supported women’s professional soccer, which is evidenced by the teams we own in Europe and our partnerships in the United States and worldwide. The key to any club’s ability is the quality of its leadership, and we know that Jeff Fox, David Laxer, Darryl Shaw and Christina Unkel will shape the game all over the Treasure Coast.”