Utah State Soccer Referee Committee

New York, NY


Capelli Sport is proud to announce a new partnership with the Utah State Soccer Referee Committee to be the Official Technical Apparel and Equipment Partner effective immediately. Capelli Sport referee uniforms follow the approved design for United States Soccer Federation games and can be worn to service all Utah tournaments, leagues, and beyond.  

The Utah State Soccer Referee Committee’s mission is to carry out the United States Soccer Federation Referee Development Program within the state of Utah in an effort to best serve the National, Region and State Associations by developing the numbers and quality of officials, assessors, instructors and assignors and to achieve excellence in officiating, education and administration. 

Paul Scott, State Referee Administrator of Utah State Referee Committee said:

"The Utah Soccer Referee's Association is very excited to partner with Capelli Sport to grow the referee program. They bring industry knowledge and a history of providing quality products at all levels of the game. We look forward to collaborating and develop this aspect of the game." 

President and CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs said:

“Capelli Sport is proud to partner with the Utah State Soccer Referee Committee. We are excited to enter the great state of Utah and add another referee association to our team. We look forward to providing our high-quality and amateur soccer approved apparel to all of the Utah Soccer referees.



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